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Hyde Harrier Kits are available for Trident/Rocket3 models, Bonneville and A65. A mix of modern technology with classic design looks, combining the Triumph race shop experience of Norman Hyde and the knowledge of Britain’s top chassis builders Harris Performance.  Click here for Harrier Classic prices.


Kits can be supplied with specifications to suit customers’ requirements other than the Base or Top kits.  Contact us with your specifications for a price quote.

BASE KIT consists of:

Frame and swinging arm-painted (Wheelbase 57")

Rear wheel spindle and adjusters

Adjusting spanners

Petrol Tank (3½ gal) with Monza cap-unpainted

Oil tank with Monza cap-unpainted (flush filler available)

Rubbers and mountings for tanks

Seat including light and upholstery


Footrest mounting plates and rubber mountings

Rear brake lever and linkage

Gear pedal and linkage

Engine mounting plates and bolts

Rear mudguard/tooltray

Prop Stand

Coil mountings

Battery carrier


This kit can be used with standard Triumph forks and wheels.

Harrier Bits.gif